What Is Restorative Care?

Restorative Care is the process in which the dentist restores a patient’s teeth to their original structure. This is done in multiple ways using direct and indirect methods and materials. There are many situations in which the teeth might need to be restored. Decay, or a cavity, is a cause for restorative care, as is a restoration that has previously failed, tooth structure that has worn away over time, and a tooth, or teeth, that have begun to erode.

We understand the importance of oral health and offer a variety of restorative care options for our patients so that they do not have to suffer with the discomfort and unattractiveness of teeth gone bad.

Restorative Care Options

  • Implants. A dental implant can be put in place to replace a tooth that is missing, whether it was removed due to uncontrollable decay, or if it was knocked out somehow.
  • Bridges. A bridge is another form of restorative care that can replace a missing tooth. A bridge is attached to the natural teeth on each side of the empty space, and an artificial tooth acts as the bridge between the natural teeth.
  • Crowns. A crown is like a cap that is put over an injured or decayed tooth to give it more strength and protection. It is made to be the accurate size and shape of the natural tooth.
  • Root Canals. If an infection or a cavity is left alone too long, it could turn into a bigger infection, leading to a root canal. Through root canal therapy, the infection is removed and the hole is sealed to protect the root.

Benefits Of Restorative Care

  • Our restorative care procedures are done so that they look completely natural.
  • Any portion of the remaining tooth becomes stronger, as do the surrounding teeth.
  • Problems with the joint of the jaw can be reduced.
  • It prevents further fracturing or cracking.
  • Pain from dental problems is potentially eliminated.

Additional Options

If these restorative options do not work for you, talk to the dentist about dentures or to see what other options are recommended.