Dentistry Is Important for the Whole Family

No matter your age or stage of life, appropriate dental care is important for each member of the family from the toddler to the great grandfather.  Properly cared for teeth can look great and remain functional for a person’s entire life.

Young Children

As soon as the first tooth appears in your child’s mouth you should bring the child in and visit with the doctor about appropriate dental care of the baby teeth.  When children are two or three years old you should bring them in for a visit where we count their teeth while they watch a cartoon to help them have a good dental experience.  This gives the dentist the opportunity to check for cavities in a setting where the child doesn’t feel threatened.

Young Adults

Older teenagers and young adults should be checked to determine whether or not wisdom teeth should be removed. This is particularly important if your child had orthodontic work done as a teen


Adults should continue to get regular checkups so that the dentist can look for signs of gum disease or other problems. Tooth loss can be prevented and dentures are often not required for older adults who have had continuing dental care over the years. - See more at: